Things to consider before paving a new patio or driveway

Many people are confused as to which contractor to use for their fence, patio or driveway. First of all reputation is something to look out for, get a well established firm that can show you examples of recent and old jobs they have done in your area. In the UK there is the Marshalls Register of Approved Contractors which is a list of quality companies throughout the UK, using one of these contractors guarantees a good job.

Some people will ask just one company for a paving quote, some will ask ten, but a good rule of thumb is to ask 3 carefully chosen companies. Then its best to choose on price of course, but more importantly whether you feel at ease and confident in the company, there's no point paying £500 less for a driveway if you may get a bad job as it will leave you unsatisfied until you get someone else in to re-do the work. A good company will provide a written quote, not ask for money up front, explain exactly how the work will be carried out and what materials will be used, and will guarantee satisfaction.

Another tip is to choose when to have the work done, people don't think about having hard landscaping work carried out as much in the winter so discounts can be had. For example our company is already offering a 5% winter discount in September, and it maybe similar with others too, generally this will last until March when Spring begins. Although it depends very much on the weather- mild winters mean paving companies may get busier sooner in the year, and bad winds in January or February can make fencing companies very busy.

As for which products to choose, it depends on personal preference but its best to work with the companies on this and not stick too firmly to something you have found online or in a catalogue. Sometimes there is designer paving or fence panels in a catalogue that costs 3 times the price of something similar your contractor can get, so its best to be flexible to some degree. If you are unsure just ask for photos and examples of recent jobs in the area to view.